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Slapper Bands

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Slapper Bands are an innovative new product.

In their rest state they are straight, but when they are 'slapped' the spring steel core wraps around to form a band. On removal the Slapper Band is simply unwound and clicks back to a straight state.

The paper cover which is bonded to the steel can be printed in one, two or full colour.

Slapper Bands are exceptionally durable and difficult to lose. They are suitable for re-use on numerous occasions.

They were originally designed as admission tickets for venues where clients wished to leave and return to the event without the hassle of finding their ticket. However, the range of applications is wide and varied. Where will you 'slap' yours?!

To complement our standard Full Colour Printing we also offer Hexachrome Printing (Six Colour Printing) and Metal FX (Metallic printing) on our standard

Hexachrome can produce exceptional results, particularly for jobs which call for vivid oranges and greens. It involves the combination of six colours, rather than four in conventional printing to produce the full rainbow spectrum.

For more information on this printing process click here.

Metal FX is a relatively new process and we are one of very few printers worldwide to have passed the strict criteria to be licensed to use the system. Metal FX allows any number of Metallic colours to be produced on the same page with Full








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