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Beer Mats

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Our Beer Mats are a litho printed laminated construction which combines high quality print with effective absorption properties. The absorption layer is 1.5mm thick open texture wood pulp board.

Beer Mats can be supplied single faced, the reverse being plain white; double faced with the same image on each side; or multi faced with a different image on each side. The price does not change whichever option is chosen.

NB. The Single Colour and Two Colour prices are based on the same colours being used on each side of the Mat. If your requirement calls for different colours on each side please add 50% to the table price.

Standard Mats

Standard shaped beer mats measure 94mm square with 10mm rounded corners or 94mm diameter circular.

Custom Shaped Mats

Shaped Beer mats can also be produced. There is a 'one off' forme cost of £75.00 plus VAT for custom shapes. Please note, very complex shapes may require a more expensive forme.

Finishing Options

We are able to offer a number of finishing options for Beer Mats detailed









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