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Create impact with leaflets printed in full colour on our range of Gloss Art paper . Available in 115gm, 150gm, 200gm and 280gm stock. Whatever the message you are sure to make an impression with our leaflets.

Our Full Colour Printing is carried out on our modern Roland 700 and KBA B1 Printing Presses. The exceptional quality of these machines allows us to produce printed work of the very highest standard, ensuring that whatever your message it is powerfully delivered. The majority of our printing is now produced using stochastic screening, which virtually eliminates conventional printing dots and produces considerably enhanced results.

We offer Full Colour print on several different standard stocks:-115gm Gloss, Art 150gm Gloss Art, 200gm Gloss Art and 280gm Gloss Art. We also print on 350gm Matt Art Card (Handouts) which is High Gloss coated on one side and also 100gm Letterhead Paper.

In addition to the standard stocks we also offer the option of pricing Full Colour Printing on a wide variety of non standard stocks.

Please note: Paper and Card for Colour Printing is always white. ‘Coloured Paper’ is achieved by printing the required background colour as part of the Full Colour Print Process.

To complement our standard Full Colour Printing we also offer Hexachrome Printing (Six Colour Printing) and Metal FX (Metallic printing) on our standard stock.

Hexachrome can produce exceptional results, particularly for jobs which call for vivid oranges and greens. It involves the combination of six colours, rather than four in conventional printing to produce the full rainbow spectrum.

For more information on this printing process click here.

Metal FX is a relatively new process and we are one of very few printers worldwide to have passed the strict criteria to be licensed to use the system. Metal FX allows any number of Metallic colours to be produced on the same page with Full Colour.

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