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Direct Smile A6 Postcard 280gm Silk Art Printed on both sides: Card Type - A

The real power of Digital Print is to produce a different print every time. We have taken personalisation to a new level with the introduction of Smile technology. This exciting and innovative software allows us to embed names from a database directly in to photographs and then merge this with address data to make a uniquely personal presentation.

Imagine the difference it could make to your business if your next mailshot was two to three time more effective than your last!! The good news is that using the system to advantage on your next mailshot is quick and easy.


Step 1

The first requirement for any efficient and successful personalisation is a database of potential or existing clients. We need this to be presented to us as an excel spreadsheet or comma separated variables text file.


Step 2

Once the database has been prepared your marketing literature needs to be complied.

We have a number of standard Smile Images which can be used. It is usually possible to turn these standard images to be relevant to almost any business.

A typical application is shown in the examples (on the right).



The next step to producing your personalised literature is to choose your print format.

All our personalised printing is produced in Full Colour.


Step 4

The final step may be to simply send out your literature. However in our experience a follow up call further increases positive response rates significantly.

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