Printing Information

Metal FX®

Metal FX® is a process which allows any number of metallic colours to be incorporated in to a conventional CMYK print job.

An ultra opaque fast drying silver is applied in various tints in the areas to be metallisized and tints of CMYK inks are applied on top to produce the metallics.

The eye-catching effects that can be achieved are possible without the excessive extra cost normally associated with process plus spot colour

This is achieved with just one pass through the press.

The first stage of the process is to print a base of opaque Metal FX® Metallic Silver ink.

Then the CMYK element of the image is printed over the top.

NB. The Metal FX® process is most effective on Gloss Art Paper.

Whilst good results can also be achieved on Matt Art (Business Cards) or (Handouts) the results are less predictable.

There are currently no economical ways of proofing Metal FX®.

We would therefore always recommend a small print run to ‘prove’ the artwork before a large Metal FX® job is printed.