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Playing Cards Boxes

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As standard our cards are supplied packed in a plain red box with a sample card fixed to the outside. However you can greatly increase the appeal of your pack of cards by having them packed in your own fully personalised box.

Playing Cards

We are now able to produce packs of cards in quantities which were previously completely cost prohibitive. Packs of cards are an excellent promotional product because of the longevity.

Our packs are litho printed in Full Colour on 300gm Solar Block Card. This unique material has a metallic core to prevent any possibility of show through. It meets the exacting requirements of gaming authorities worldwide. The printed cards are sealer gloss varnished to ensure exceptional quality and playability. Our cards are standard poker card size (2.5" x 3.5" or 89mm x 63mm).

Our packs consists of 54 cards. We are able to supply cards personalised on one side (the reverse being a standard set of playing cards see example).

Alternatively cards can be fully personalised on both sides, giving scope for a completely new game or a different use entirely. As standard the cards are supplied in a plain box with a card attached to one side.

The uses of our playing cards is not limited to playing games!! From Revision cards to Drug awareness cards; Students pocket Survival Guides to Bus Timetables; Places to stay in the Lake District to Pub Crawls in Cardiff, what you can do with Personalised Playing cards really is as great as your own imagination!

We are able to supply the card faces - Clubs, spades, picture cards etc as eps files so that they can be worked in to your own artwork. The eps files would be released after you order and you would need to sign a one time use declaration form.

To complement our standard Full Colour Printing we also offer Hexachrome Printing (Six Colour Printing) and Metal FX (Metallic printing) on our standard stock.

Hexachrome can produce exceptional results, particularly for jobs which call for vivid oranges and greens. It involves the combination of six colours, rather than four in conventional printing to produce the full rainbow spectrum.

For more information on this printing process click here

Metal FX is a relatively new process and we are one of very few printers worldwide to have passed the strict criteria to be licensed to use the system. Metal FX allows any number of Metallic colours to be produced on the same page with Full Colour.

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