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Datacards are available in three different grades, gold, platinum and titanium. In each case the cards are 85mm x 54mm with 3mm rounded corners. They are printed in full colour on both sides.

Gold Datacard

Our Gold cards are printed on 400gm Matt Art Card which is sealer varnished on both sides. These can also be specified Gloss or Matt Laminated on one side or both sides. They are particularly suited for shorter term use, such as phonecards and WiFi access cards. NB. Signature strip and scratch off panel cannot be applied to a laminated face.

Platinum Datacard

Our Platinum cards are a laminate construction of rigid plastic on a card core. They have a high gloss finish on both sides. The thickness of the card is approximately 0.5mm. They are particularly suited to medium term uses, such as Discount Cards. www.pqtp.com

Titanium Datacard

Our Titanium Datacards look identical to our Platinum Datacards, at first sight. The difference is that they have a plastic core. This results in an exceptionally durable card which will withstand sustained handling. Their durability might be compared to a conventional Credit Card. Titanium datacards are excellent for long term uses such as Membership Cards.www.pqtp.com

To complement our standard Full Colour Printing we also offer Hexachrome Printing (Six Colour Printing) and Metal FX (Metallic printing) on our standard stock.

Hexachrome can produce exceptional results, particularly for jobs which call for vivid oranges and greens. It involves the combination of six colours, rather than four in conventional printing to produce the full rainbow spectrum.

For more information on this printing process click here.

Metal FX is a relatively new process and we are one of very few printers worldwide to have passed the strict criteria to be licensed to use the system. Metal FX allows any number of Metallic colours to be produced on the same page with Full Colour.

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Two Panel

Titanium Datacard - Diecutting Restrictions


Reverse of Datacard - Strip Position
Strip Sizes Available
40mm x 8mm, 75mm x 10mm, 85mm x 12mm


Variable Data

Where the artwork has a dark background it would require a white box for numbering etc. Data can be positioned anywhere on the card with a minimum of 3mm from any edge. Data can also be at 90 degees if required.

Finishing options

All types of Datacard can be supplied without additional finishing for use as round cornered business cards. All can be finished with a Signature Strip, Scratch Off Strip, Variable Data (this can consist of a Barcode, Pin Number and Serial number provided the variable data is all to one side of the card) and Magnetic Strip (with or without encoding). The different processes can be applied to either side of the card at no extra cost. (Eg Variable data on one side and Signature strip on the reverse). We are able to cut out special shapes from Titanium Datacards. The shaped card is retained within the Datacard until the end user 'pops it out' for use on, typically, a keyring.